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09 Jun 2018

The Lebaran Holiday has arrived. Enjoy a Victory Day with your family in Jakarta and stay at

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Gebyar Wisata & Budaya Nusantara 2018
10 May 2018

Gebyar Wisata & Budaya Nusantara is the only tourism exhibition in Indonesia that only presents the attractions of the country from Sabang to

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Berkah Ramadhan Promo
09 May 2018

The month of fasting has come, it is time we carry out the sacred obligation to fast and refrain. Activity, daily work or journey trips as usual we do in this month. For those of you who have a travel

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Graduatin Promo 2018
02 May 2018

Graduation becomes the most important moment in the achievement of students and college students who successfully through the educational process at the University / institute.

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IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2018
02 May 2018

Indobuildtech Jakarta 2018 is Asias key trade exhibition, covering all major sectors for the building and interiors market, including

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